Your Tinder profile sucks.
Let us fix it.

Creating a Tinder profile
is the worst

We suck at writing about ourselves.
We're even worse at selecting good photos.

That's where our team comes in.

1 - Slash photos

No one wants to see you shirtless playing beer pong. Sunglasses look like you're hiding something.
Delete, delete, delete.

2 - Revamp intro

Oh, you like eating, reading, and hanging out? *snore* Let's write something witty and interesting that actually represents you.

3 - Overall check

A blank profile hints you're' a creep, a long profile screams you're overeager. We'll eyeball your profile top to bottom and find the right balance.

The Profiles

Here's a look at some bad profiles. Laughable, right?

Are you sure your profile isn't just as bad?

The Experts

Tearing apart Tinder profiles since...well, since 2016. Fuck precedence.

Spencer Jentzsch

Your token gay best friend. Professional douche spotter. One cup of rosé and he'll give you the brutal truth of why people are swiping left on your profile.

Miranda Bishop

The sassy Brit and professional social media consultant. Builds you up after Spencer has ripped you to shreds. Makes a mean English country summer.

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